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How to buy mobail on emi by snapmint:- Hello friends, now is the era of mobile phone smartphone, but you know that in the world of mobile phones, one mobile is launched every month and there is one feature from one to one, in such a situation, you must also think that if you buy a mobile, then what is the way? Buy a mobile so that for 1 to 2 years there is no feeling that if it stays for a few days, it would have taken a good mobile, but whatever it is, if you want to buy a mobile, then between 15000 to 20000 but maybe not that much money you have.

If you do not have that much money then how to buy mobile?

Now you know that people do not always have money, in such a situation it must be going on in your mind that man how to buy a mobile?? If there was a way, I would have bought my favorite mobile.

How to buy mobail on emi by snapmint

Well you know that if you go to buy a bike or a four wheeler, then you can either buy it in cash or you can buy a bike by getting financed from the finance company, similarly it would be running in your mind whether the installment to mobile phone means Can be bought on EMI? So the answer is, yes you can easily buy any mobile phone on installment.

How to get emi pay mobile without credit card?

To buy a mobile phone on installment, if you go to any online shopping like Amazon or Flipkart, then you can buy any item on installment using your credit card.

Now the question is that if you do not have a credit card then how can you buy goods on EMI?

Earlier it was that if you want to buy goods on installment then it was absolutely necessary to have a credit card but now it is not so because now many fintech companies give you loan so that you can buy mobile or TV or any goods online at once. Buy it from the shopping site and then you keep giving money in Installment on EMI basis.

How to get goods on EMI without credit card? Who will give loan on EMI?

There is a very popular company whose product is Snapmint, this will give you loan.

What is Snapmint?

Snapmint is a system by Camden Town Technologies Pvt Ltd under which you can buy any item online like mobile phone TV camera means anything without credit card.

If I talk about the review, then first of all let me tell you that I myself have used Snapmint and its service is very good, since I used it to buy Mi’s Redmi Note 5 Pro which was taken from Flipkart, so I will tell you I will tell all the information in details so that you can also take it.

How does Snapmint work?

In this you have to first apply and when your loan is approved then you will get a Flipkart Voucher as a gift card of 10000 and if you want to buy from amazon then you will get it for amazon and if you want to buy from flipkart then you will get it for Flipkart.

Then use that voucher when you go to a shopping site like amazon or flipkart and add it there, then you will not need to pay a single rupee and you will get your goods because the voucher will be paid.

How to get loan approved on Snapmint?

You will first have to open an account with your mobile number, then upload all your documents, out of which you will have to upload PAN card photo and Aadhar card photo and when your profile is submitted, then comes the real thing. Out of which you will have to upload the statement of your bank account, but before that you have to fill all the details like how much is your income, how much is the expenditure.

You will upload the complete statement of your bank account from 3 months ago till date in the format of pdf, only then it will be verified and loan will be approved.

One thing must be noted, otherwise your loan will not be approved, that is, do not send the print on the passbook for your bank statement, but go to the bank and get the Statement of Account printed on A4 size paper so that the loan will be approved soon.

When your loan is approved, then a mail will be sent to your email for voucher and an SMS will be received on your mobile.


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