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As we know that loan is not easy to get, one has to visit bank again and again for loan and there are hundred problems in it, it simply means that it is very difficult to get loan easily, that’s why we have brought. App from which you can take online loan sitting at home without any hassle by visiting bank,
And as needed, you can also take a loan at an affordable interest rate with a longer tenure so that you can repay the loan on time.

How to take NIRA Instant Personal Loan, told you all very well, friends, so that you can take loan from NIRA Instant Loan App, sitting at home for Rs. 1 lakh with the help of Instant Loan NIRA Finance. In today’s time everyone needs money, and sometimes we have to take loan from bank for money. But friends, in today’s time, even the bank is not able to trust too many planets, due to which people are being considered clean by giving loans. Due to which a lot of trouble to the people

How to take personal loan from nira app

No one wants to take a loan, sometimes due to the problem of finance, we have to take a loan so that we can complete our pending work on time without any hindrance, and when the loan is so easy installment and according to our requirement, so that we You can take a loan sitting at home by applying online, without going anywhere
So why stop any work, apply for loan immediately and complete your pending work.

Friends, who did not need money, everyone has a problem of money in life. You may also be facing a lot of difficulties due to lack of money, but now stop worrying at all because we are going to tell you about such an instant personal loan app from which you will get instant ₹ 2500 Loan up to Rs.1,00,000 lakh. Man, finally you have chosen your right place, from our blog we are going to tell you about new loans every day about finance. So friends, you can take online loan up to Rs 1 lakh from this company which is ‘NIRA’.

Nira Loan Application features

  • Instant Loan Amount on our Instant Personal Loan App: ₹ 2,500 to ₹ 1,00,000 (Loan Amount on our Instant Personal Loan).
  • Minimum APR: 24%, Maximum APR: 36% (Minimum APR: 24%, Maximum APR: 36%). Repayment period: 3 to 12 months ( Repayment period : 3 to 12 months).
  • Processing fee: Maximum (fee 350 + GST, up to 2% of the loan amount).
  • Prepayment fee (only if returned early): 2.5% if paid before 3 months and 0.
  • Late Fee on Loan App: Bounce charges as per bank + 2% of outstanding balance overdue for 30 days.

Loan Charge Exapmle

On a loan of ₹ 20,000 for 6 Months @ 24% APR, you will pay ₹ 3571 as monthly EMI and ₹ 21,957 as loan which includes a total of ₹ 450 + GST ​​as processing fee.

Why should you download NIRA Loan App?

Here are some of the features that make NIRA one of the best personal loan apps in India for salaried individuals!

  • You can get money in bank account within 24 hours.
  • No credit history required.
  • Minimum eligible salary only Rs. 12,000 per month.
  • Only Aadhar and PAN card required.
  • No hidden fees.
  • 6 You can use our personal loan app to get credit for anything you want. We do not restrict you in any use case.

Steps to get a quick personal loan from NIRA

  • Complete the short application form on our instant loan app. Get instant loan approval decision.
  • If you are eligible, we need you to upload.
  • 3 months bank statement.
  • most recent payment.
  • (Aadhaar Card (You can e-sign your loan agreement in our Aadhar Card Loan App).
  • pan card.
  • selfie.
  • 3 Get instant cash in your bank a/c and money tap away.

Just like we will get loan from Aadhar card, in the same way a verification code will come on our mobile number linked with Aadhar and by giving it E sign process we will get loan from Neera loan app. Let me tell you one thing here, you will not need your CIBIL score here with the Neera app. We give you loan without CIBIL score Nira Instant Personal Loan App. And along with you will also have to give 3 months bank statement.

NIRA is India’s best low interest rate personal loan app that gives you 100% online loan from Rs 2500 to Rs 1 lakh directly into your bank account. We have 20 lakh+ happy customers. NIRA Cash Loan will help you with all your urgent cash needs. You can also calculate your EMI on our Loan EMI calculator.

How to take personal loan from nira app

How much loan can be taken from NIRA app

Friends, we can take from Rs 2500 to Rs 1,00,000 from NIRA Instant Loan App. Anytime your personal needs. We will get online loan through Nira app as soon as we are sitting at home, with very minimal documents, we can take loan from Nira company. Let me tell you one thing that initially you will get at least loan from Nira loan company because online loan company do not see much higher CIBIL score.

For which approvals are available with minimum loan limit in the beginning and gradually more amount credit limit is given. Talking about Neera Loan, more than 1 million customers have become on playstore. And this is a very good company which is providing loan to the people in India.

What is the eligibility for loan from NIRA app

NIRA Company is giving Instant Personal Loan all over India for Salaried and Individual. Now it comes to whether to fulfill the eligibility criteria to take personal loan from Neera app. If friends tell you, we can get loan from online loan company with Aadhar card also, but company like NIRA does not give us loan only from Aadhar card. Here for the loan, your salary must be at least 12,000 months,And along with your bank statement will also be needed latest 3 months, you need to be an Indian citizen to take loan from NIRA app as well as your age should be just above 21 years.

Any Indian citizen can take loan up to Rs 1,00,000 through Neera App. With online paperless process, you get loan through Nira app, let me tell you, this loan will be done completely through digital process, for this you will not need to go anywhere, just sitting at home, you will get ‘NIRA’ in an easy way. Instant Personal Loan.

NIRA Loan Deadline

We can take loan up to Rs 1,00,000 from Nira App, but now we come to the point of how many days we can take loan in Nira Finance. From 3 months we get the loan amount up to 12 months for ‘NIRA’ Instant Personal Loan. And we can keep the repayment time for a maximum of 22 months with the loan.

How to apply NIRA Personal Loan sitting at home

We will apply NIRA Finance sitting at home through mobile application. For this we have to install NIRA Instant Personal Loan App from playstore. And after that you have to apply for the loan.

  • First install Nira Loan app from playstore and then open it and create ID from your register mobile number and then apply for loan on Nira app.
  • As soon as you click on Loan Apply Now, you will see a loan application form which you have to fill.
  • Such as your name, identity details, address details, employment details, office details, bank details, selfie, latest bank statement of 3 months, you will also have to give for taking NIRA loan.
  • As soon as you fill and submit the loan application form, your loan application will go to the company and if your documents and information are correct, then after verification your loan will be credited to your bank.

What is NIRA LOAN Customer Care No / How to contact with NIRA company

If you have any problem with NIRA LOAN APP then you can directly contact to help support of Nira Finance at

Nira Loan Customer Care No – Whatsapp (9591196740)

NIRA Loan Office Address

NIRA Office – NIRA, 2nd Floor, UrbanVault Indiranagar, 2024, 16th Main Road, Hal 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008.

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